Did the “King” Takeover East Hampton?

Every once in awhile you just wonder WTF?  Was this the actual intention of the chef?  Today’s lunch covered that sentiment.

Today I UberEats’d East Hamptons Sandwich Co’s Chicken Parm.  This was unusual for two reasons.  First, I almost exclusively order the Lobster Roll from there, and second I didn’t even know they had it.  For whatever reason, it was the item that when scrolling through the UberEats app that kept sticking in my mind.  Given how good their sandwiches are I decided to give it a whirl.

After a speedy delivery from UberEats, I took my lunch back to my desk.  When I opened the container, I was surprised to find a sesame seed bun.  My coworker, who sits three feet to the right of me asked, “Did you get Burger King?”  For a second, I thought I did.  I wondered why someone would create this.  Is East Hampton a front company for the creepy King?  Did East Hampton corner the Sesame Bun market?  Did Trump put out a food related executive order I didn’t know about?

Now the sauce and the breaded chicken were very solid.  The marinara was a high point, not too sweet, not to basil-y, just right.  The chicken was breaded ever so lightly and had a good crunch, but not so much it was Popeye’s chicken.  All the right ingredients were there, except for the bun.  I imagined Peyton Manning taking a bite then singing chicken parrrrm it tassstes sooo good, then spitting the bun out.

I wonder how great this sandwich would be with a classic bun?  Would it be the first sandwich to unite America?  Who knows, hopefully, East Hampton pulls it together and connects with Village Baking (http://villagebakingco.com/bread.asp) to improve what could be a masterpiece.

Rating: 7/10 (Could have been 10/10)

East Hampton Sandwich Co

Multiple Locations – http://ehsandwich.com/locations


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