Sous Vide or Not to Vide!

I know that wasn’t a terribly original saying.  I’m sure that probably 15 other blog posts have said the same thing.  I don’t care, deal with it.  The reason why I don’t care is that my cooking life has changed for the better via one change in my life.  That change is the Anova Precision Cooker (

I first became interested in the sous vide technique after seeing it on many Top Chef and Chopped episodes.  I became more interested after I heard you can perfectly poach an egg using this tool.  I’m really into eggs Benedict, but many failures in the kitchen left me listless like Robert Redford in All is Lost.  I once practiced countless times using poaching cups, and/or traditional swirl techniques for a Tinder date who interestingly enough could only eat poached eggs due to a GI issue.  It never worked out with the girl, and we never got to date #3 (poached egg dinner date) but had we got that far, it would have been a disaster.

After that mishap, and numerous taunts from one of my closest friends I decided to up my egg game.  At Christmas, I got the Anova Precision Cooker and researched the perfect poached egg for eggs benedict.  Serious Eats post was my starting point (, and I decided to modify my cooking to 145°F for 50 minutes vs. 45 minutes suggested in the app.

When I finally got my egg out of its protective hard shell, I marveled at its glory.  It was an absolutely poached egg.  Perfect in every way; the yolk was runny; the whites were set and glossy.  I was to be mocked no more, I had mastered the egg (with the use of a $149 device).


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