About the eater

This blog is about a journey in finding good food.  I grew up in the culinary hotbed of Lakewood, CO.  I was a pretty picky eater in my childhood, to the point that my preferred diet in grade school was peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich and a bag of Lays potato chips daily.  Even in high school, my staples weren’t all that groundbreaking.  I had an affinity for Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Subway.  In college, I got a bit more exposed to food.  I ate some pretty awesome sandwiches at the B&B Pickel Barrel, rice bowls at Teriyaki Wok, Irish nachos at Sullivan’s, and pesto pizza at Pizza Pipeline.  After I had graduated, I took a job in NYC on the trading desk of OppenheimerFunds.  It was then I was exposed to the world of food.  I luckily was the client of some of the largest equity trading investment banks.  Through this job, I was exposed to sushi, Indian food, Jewish delis, multicourse haute cuisine.  I also learned via this job there is no good Mexican food in NYC.  NYC opened my eyes and my palette to a whole new world, and I haven’t looked back since then.

This is where I hope to share some of what I’ve found interesting along the way.